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Email Encryption Now Easier Than Ever

Email Encryption Often I end up writing about the same topic, but in different forms. That topic would be privacy.

This time though my privacy concerns turn towards email encryption. (more…)

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Email Fraud From The Boss: FTC Warns of New Scam

Email FraudWe touched on wire transfer fraud lightly in our last article because a new email fraud has become popular in the past month that targets that exact scam.

The FTC is warning SMBs about an email (more…)

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Workplace Security Starts With Your Employees In 3 Steps

Workplace Security In the past month, one of the most powerful financial service corporations, J.P. Morgan, was hacked with an intricate exploitation beyond what it’s endless legion of security contractors were prepared for. Workplace security is only effective in layers and though (more…)

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HTTPS Protocol Can Affect Your Google Ranking

HTTPS ProtocolIf you’re doing any kind of commerce on the web, security is extremely important, and security means using the HTTPS protocol.

Google just upped the ante by (more…)

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Bittorrent Sync Pros And Cons for SMBs

Bittorrent SyncThere have been many discussions online recently about a new product from Bittorrent called Bittorrent Sync (Or BTSync).

This is a free file-syncing application (more…)

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