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Bittorrent Sync Pros And Cons for SMBs

Bittorrent SyncThere have been many discussions online recently about a new product from Bittorrent called Bittorrent Sync (Or BTSync).

This is a free file-syncing application (more…)

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Protecting Customer Data Mistakes Made By SMBs

Protecting Customer DataProtecting customer data is important to any size business.

But small businesses are more at risk of accidentally leaking customer information than larger (more…)

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Phishing Scams And How They Differ From Everyday Spam

Phishing Scams Everyone gets spam in their inbox. The title probably said something like “I lost 20 pounds in 2 months” or “Make $2565 in one week by using this one simple trick.” Emails that are part of phishing scams are a little more sophisticated in their approach. (more…)

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Email Etiquette: Is It Lacking In Your Emails?

Email EtiquetteNo matter what line of work or stage of life you’re in, emails are an essential part of our daily lives. Although we communicate constantly through email, email etiquette is sometimes lacking in our correspondence. (more…)

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Social Engineering Attacks: A Big Issue For SMB Security

Social Engineering Attacks Every day in my line of work we are battling viruses and hardware/software failures. I am sure that there are more issues, but then there is the enemy that none of us think about, the social engineer. I’ve heard about many social engineering attacks, (more…)

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