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Choosing A Computer: Advice From An IT Professional

Choosing A ComputerChoosing a computer can be tricky.

The state of the art computer that you bought five years ago is now slow and chugging along. The insides are full of dust and the hard drive is at capacity. The operating system has countless applications (more…)

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Document Management Solutions Allow You To Go Paperless

Document Management Solutions Regardless of the size of your organization or industry in time you will become overwhelmed with tons of files that you need to store – both digital and paper. There is a better way, document management solutions. Think about it, filing cabinets take up too (more…)

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Extend The Lifespan Of A Laptop With These 5 Tips

Lifespan of a Laptop With each passing year, the popularity of a laptop as your computer increases over less mobile desktops, especially in work environments.

Unfortunately, the lifespan of a laptop is (more…)

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Email Encryption Now Easier Than Ever

Email Encryption Often I end up writing about the same topic, but in different forms. That topic would be privacy.

This time though my privacy concerns turn towards email encryption. (more…)

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Email Fraud From The Boss: FTC Warns of New Scam

Email FraudWe touched on wire transfer fraud lightly in our last article because a new email fraud has become popular in the past month that targets that exact scam.

The FTC is warning SMBs about an email (more…)

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