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Computer Maintenance: 4 Steps To A Healthy Computer – Part 1

Computer Maintenance When you think of household or business maintenance, computer maintenance is probably the last thing that comes to your mind. But, how many times in the last year have you found that your brand new computer did something unexpected (more…)

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Limit Computer Time With Your Kids With These Easy Tricks

Limit Computer TimeIn this age of technology, kids are constantly on the computer doing something but as a parent we are always looking to limit computer time.

The computer now is a more an essential (more…)

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Net Neutrality – How Does It Affect You?

Net Neutrality The subject of net neutrality has been a hot topic lately, popping up all over the news. But what does it mean?

The basic goal of net neutrality is to ensure (more…)

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IT Project Management Definitions and Stages

IT Project Management IT Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing and delineating responsibility for the completion of organizations’ specific Information Technology (IT) goals. IT Project Management processes are guided through five stages: (more…)

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Windows 10 and Small Business Are A Good Match

Windows 10 It’s safe to say that Windows 8 has been a disaster. Consumers are confused by it, and enterprises have largely ignored it. Thankfully, the software giant is aware of this, and is trying to do right by both camps with the upcoming release of Windows 10. (more…)

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