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Windows 10 and Small Business Are A Good Match

Windows 10 It’s safe to say that Windows 8 has been a disaster. Consumers are confused by it, and enterprises have largely ignored it. Thankfully, the software giant is aware of this, and is trying to do right by both camps with the upcoming release of Windows 10. (more…)

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Device Security Tips For When You’ve Lost Your Phone

Device Security Losing and replacing your smart phone is a big pain, however since we often keep a lot of personal and confidential information on our devices, it can also be a big problem. Today we have a tip for device security, a few ways to remotely find (more…)

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Home Routers For Your SMB Is A Cheap But Costly Mistake

Home RoutersHome routers are a threat. Home routers are a security hole. How much should you pay for a router?

The cost of networking equipment is something that’s easy to overlook when you’re budgeting (more…)

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Office Productivity Tricks: Change The Office Environment

Office Productivity When you think office productivity you probably are thinking the speed of your computer or blocking Facebook access.

While these obviously make a difference, (more…)

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Comcast Public WiFi Coming To Your House Soon

Comscast Public WiFiSo you want high speed internet access in your household, well now you got it! Comcast has released 150MB downloads to certain neighborhoods. Comcast wants to use your house as a hotspot, a Comcast Public WiFi location in your neighborhood. (more…)

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